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School of Architecture course

This is an offer of courses launched by the SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN taught by its teachers and open to the general public, professionals and students.

The aim of these trainings is to extend the knowledge that is built in this House of Higher Studies.

They will be given from August 26, until September 27 and are 6:




1 / PROFESSIONAL AND COMMITTEE RELATIONSHIP / The path of productive dialogue.

2 / URBAN FARMS: FAMILY AND COMMUNITY / Training in garden design.







3 / ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - PROJECT NOTICE FORMULATION / Theoretical approach and case resolution.






4 / CHRONOBIOLOGY / Light and sound out of control.






5 / MOLDING AND CONFECTION / Production techniques and garment manufacturing.






6 / BASIC PHOTOGRAPH / The art of observation.

Information and Registration: inscriptions.faudum@um.edu.ar

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