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Trip to Perugia

Students and Teachers of Design and Architecture degree course of study from the SCHOOL OF ARQUITECTURE, URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN are participating in the Art History Course at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy.




Students and teachers from the SCHOOL OF ARQUITECTURE, URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN are developing the first classes of the "History of Art" Course, a proposal organized by the Italian Athenaeum exclusively for students of the Universidad de Mendoza ; with the development of special contents that complement the training of our students in a context of the study of "live" art.

The course is held 30 % of the time in the classrooms of Palazzo Galenga, headquarters of the University for Foreigners of the city of Perugia, and the remaining 70 % in the Italian area: museums, historical centers of different Italian cities, ducal palaces , excavations, ruins, churches, craft workshops, among others.

Expert teachers of the university for foreigners develop their didactic activities within the classroom and in the context of the city and region. Classes are scheduled to take place in the cities of Siena, Florence, Montefalco, Orvieto, Assisi, among others.

The participants develop reading activities of urban spaces and buildings from the Etruscan period to the avant-garde movements; being able to appreciate in direct the works of which the professors speak.

It is remarkable the students ‘emotion they discover these contexts that have already been worked in their classes with their teachers, and then be able to enrich them with the new contributions of the Italian colleagues. The commitment of the group of young people is shown at all times with their attention and respect in the classes.

The team of students and teachers is escorted by the UM professor of Rio Cuarto City , Magister Alfredo Panzolato.

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