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Winners of the “Hat Contest for Vendimia 2018 ushers"

The UM Regional Design Department presented the winning proposal: Vinea. (Los Andes newspaper article)

The UM Regional Design Department, consisting of the Architect Nidia Álvarez, Designer Lía Rosso, Designer Soledad Innaco and Designer Marcelo Merta, stood out with his proposal.

"Vendimia under the sun" was the name of the hat design event for ushers of the National Harvest Festival 2018 -Vendimia-, which is now in its second edition and of which 29 prototypes participated. The proposal chosen by the jury will receive a prize of $ 10,000. The novelty of this second edition is that the selection was open doors and those interested in witnessing this instance participated by voting for the honorable mention, which obtained a special certificate of participation.

This initiative of the Creative Industries Department of the Ministry of Culture, with its coordinator Sebastian Ladrón de Guevara, seeks to promote design challenges to the creative people of Mendoza, at the same time that it provides a solution to the need to protect from the sun the more than 150 ushers of the Greek Theater, who begin their activities from early hours.

"Last year the first edition was held, to which Sebastián personally summoned me as a jury since with the Regional Design Department we had the knowledge. Thus, we presented proposals two consecutive years in the Hat Design Competition of the signature Banus with Marcos Shayo in Buenos Aires. The first year we had honorable mention and the second year Public Prize and Honorable Mention, "says Architect Nidia Álvarez.

(Los Andes newspaper picture)
"This year, doubling efforts and creativity, we decided to put the Mendocinean contest as the central work of the subject," he added. The coordinator of Creative Industries motivated our beginning explaining that "design criteria must not only respond to innovation, but also have to be in line with the main lines of the Festival's storyline. its confection, since 150 hats will be made for the total of the ushers that will be in the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater ".

For this reason, the students were divided into interdisciplinary groups (clothing, graphics and interiors) and with the bases of the contest an exhaustive study of the hat was made, choosing a generating idea related to the party and the theme of this year: "Constellations " They had to make a logo design with their pseudonym, a support proposal where to place and display it, the packaging design to present it and finally the hat that had to fulfill criteria of "utility, lightness, comfort and economy".

The Department presented 16 proposals, all with a very good level of creativity, execution and presentation.

The winning team is integrated by Mayra Ballesteros, Carolina Comes, Agustín Mantello and Agustín Álvarez, who pointed out at the time of the award "We wanted to represent the basic concepts of the Harvest, the cluster, the typical colors of the grape, the mountain, the forms abstract in which we find the triangle that is present in all our landscape and from there, based on a technique that gives the idea of origami, we come to the hat they see today. The material is very thrifty, it is vinyl printed on lined cardboard, easy to make, light, it is a very simple and obvious idea to recognize in an open place.In addition, we created a brand called Vinea, which means vine in Latin ". Originality, functionality, manufacturing economy and unisex visuality were some of the elements taken into account when evaluating the chosen work.

The honorable mention was for the hat under the pseudonym Diverzo, which also had a great impact on the public and the jury.

"The message is that, with enthusiasm and a great team as we have in the Regional Design Department (we are also an interdisciplinary team) we achieve these results with students who follow us and propose. Congratulations !!", concluded Arch. Álvarez.

SOurce: Los Andes newspaper

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