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Design Teaching oriented to the teaching of the design.


Mgtr. Renato Echegaray

Duration: 25 hours.

- university and tertiary teachers from all areas of knowledge.
- professionals in general
- graphic designers who start in the schematic as a field of action.
- students of advanced courses.



- Didactic Design as a discipline of Graphic Design: origins, disambiguation of the term, contemporary uses and functions.
- General field of action and specific field in university education. User-centered design as a focus.

Design for teaching and learning 

- Data, information and knowledge as stages in the development of Didactic Design. Schematic diagram, diagram, map and infographics.
- Linear and surface reading. Reasoning strategy. The synthesis as a resource. Function and aesthetics.
- Semiotics of didactic design: syntax, semantics and pragmatics of visual signs. - Graphic resources in didactic specificity: typography, color, distribution, size, morphology, direction, formats.
- Resources by areas of design: Editorial Design: hierarchy by type of content, base texts, highlight and complementary; Interactive Design: hyperlink, mouse-over effect and menu; Multimedia Design: audio and animation; Image Design: photography and illustration.

Integrate to design

- Users and producers of knowledge: role of the teacher, the designer and the student.
- Verification protocols based on the semiotic dimensions of communication. Concept of design as an enabler of integration.
- Functional essence: readability, usability, interaction and complete advisor.
- Model of didactic design process.


Workshop of production and analysis of Didactic Design. The classes will be developed from the theoretical teaching exhibition of the tools that make exploration and construction possible in the area of Didactic Design. Students will design their own visual communications for didactic purposes.


- Incorporate Didactic Design knowledge as a disciplinary field of Graphic Design.
- Design a communication for didactic purposes based on the contents that the student, as a teacher, develops in his chair.
- Define an own model to make didactic designs.

PROFESSOR`CV: (summarized)

Renato Echegaray / Master's Degree in Design of Innovative Processes University (UCC, Córdoba 2016) BA in Management and Graphic Communication (UNCuyo, School of Arts and Design, Bachelor of Art`s cycle), Teaching Training of Professionals and University Technicians (Instituto de Culturas Aborigenes, Córdoba ), Superior Technician in Advertising Graphic Design (Instituto Superior Nicolás Avellaneda, Mendoza). Associate professor in charge (U. Provincial de Cordoba, Faculty of Arts and Design) Full Professor (Esc. Sup. Lino Spilimbergo, U. Provincial de Cordoba)

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