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Month of the Architecture 2017

Within the framework of this event, the School of Architecture will participate in the Round Table of Deans of Architecture by means of Thesis Workshops`exhibitions.

 In the framework of the "MDA – Month of Architecture", an event organized by the Associations of Architects of Mendoza to be held on September 6-8, the UM`s School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design is pleased to participate in the Round Table of Deans of Architecture by means of different exhibitions.


Understanding that architects play different roles within their private/public professional work and that their actings transform and modify the spaces in the different contexts, they are taking on a leading role and being main participant in the conception, planning and design of the Human habitat.

We perceive that most people have no idea or basic knowledge of the architect`s role and importance. Therefore, the profession has been losing prestige, and with it, its relevance in significant and everyday issues: city, public and private spaces. We also observe that in recent years there has been a lack of clear objectives for the generation of public or private spaces that tend to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, perhaps because of that discredit toward architects. 

This profession´s lack of influence shows that it is in great part due to the fact that the we, architectures, have not known to understand, integrate, and even more, value the professional answers that we must generate before the society`s needs. A constructive criticism may allow us to rethink, to plan strategies tending to improve the situation of architect`s image, and finally to correct the mistakes made.

For this reason, CAMZA invites all the actors having relationship with architecture, urbanism, in academic, political and professional fields, from the public or private sector to participate and carry out a program of rethinking, production and dissemination in the next MDA 2017 event, which has been called "The Role of the Architect".

Registrations through the link: https://www.eventbrite.com.ar/e/mda-2017-tickets-36609491976#tickets



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