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International Day of Women in Engineering

The Universidad de Mendoza greets the Women Engineers in their day and pays them a special tribute.
This is an annual, international campaign that celebrates the outstanding achievements of women engineers around the world.

This day was created by the Women's Engineering Society, a charity that started in 1919 after the end of the First World War, as many women had accepted engineering jobs during the conflict and wanted to continue working. It is important to note that this celebration has been sponsored by UNESCO since 2016.







Also in Argentina, Elisa Bachofen is always remembered on this occasion, who in 1918 was the first Latin American to graduate as an engineer.

Pablo Recabarren, president of CONFEDI, Federal Council of Deans of Engineering recently analyzed that “fortunately, cultural, attitudinal and technological changes are taking place that create increasingly favorable conditions for the increasing presence of women in engineering”.

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