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School of Engineer´s graduate in SpaceX Mission

Luis Paganini, a NASA scientist, was one of those who worked for the US to return to the space race after 9 years. Next, the interview published by MDZ Radio.

MDZ Radio spoke to a man from Mendoza who works at NASA. Learn the details of the first launch into space of a manned trade mission.


Mendoza scientist Lucas Paganini, a NASA scientist, went through the "No tan millennials (Not so millennial)" radio program on MDZ Radio and told his story and everything related to the event that attracts all space fans: the launching of the Space Dragon by Elon Musk and NASA.

Photo: Lucas Paganini (courtesy of MDZ Radio)

Self-defined as a "neighborhood kid", born and raised in Godoy Cruz. He completed his university studies at the Universidad de Mendoza, fulfilled a doctorate in Germany and, now 40 years old, is the leader of the NASA team that confirmed that there is water vapor on a Jupiter moon.

-How are you living this experience?

-We are experiencing an important moment. A new age. To me, this decade is going to be very important for all of us. We will see many astronauts take off. The idea of all this is not that they go to the International Space Station, but rather that in 2024 they return to the Moon with the first woman. And then finally get to Mars. The Apollo era was 50 years ago, many of us did not experience it at that time. Now, our children and grandchildren will live something similar to what our parents lived. Watching astronauts take off into space and above more frequently.

-Let's talk about takeoff this Saturday ...

-Recall that this Saturday's flight is the first of several flights. Artemis I, II and III. It is only intended to land in 2024 with the Artemis III. Those outside the space world were concerned about the launch being suspended due to bad weather. Are you going to fly into space but the clouds worry? You are betting a lot and people know it. This is the first commercial flight. Imagine that you are betting on changing the paradigm. Previously governments developed systems. It is now betting on the commercial. If something goes wrong, there will be many people who question this new model. And of course, tropical storms have many electric shocks and the systems of these new ships are electronic.

Listen to the rest of the interview by clicking here

Link to the original interview from MDZ Radio Here

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