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Electrophoretic Deposition VI: Fundamentals and Applications

This international conference will be held on Septebmer 1-6 in the city of Gyeongju, South Korea. Ms. María José Santillán, PhD in Engineering, the Argentina organizer.

The objective of these international conferences is to bring together experts working in the area of deposition electrophoretic (EPD), focusing mainly on its application as a processing technique for the manufacture of traditional, new and Compounds.

For its application, it is necessary a basic understanding of the colloidal stability, the kinetics of deposition and the problems of drying and sintering suffered by the coatings and impregnations. Among the interesting areas of EPD applications is the low cost manufacturing of composite materials, including fiber reinforced ceramics, nanocomposites, composite laminates and functional gradient materials. In addition, the EPD of ceramic materials provides potential advances in a series of applications, including piezoelectric motors, biomedical probes, ultrasound and chemical sensors as well as in energy production devices. Advances in the development of 3d materials have been developed. Additionally, the EPD is being considered an important tool in the area of nanotechnology for it allows the production of components of industrial shapes and dimensions from nanoscale elements such as nanoparticles, nanotubes or nanofilms. EPD is also being highly regarded to develop innovative biomedical devices and regenerative medicine, which marks a growing use in the field of biomaterials, also granting the chance of depositing biological entities, including bacteria and cells.

Additional Information:

Ms. María José Santillán, Phd in Engineering
Prof. of Organic Chemistry course
School of Engineering
Universidad de Mendoza
Boulogne Sur Mer 683.
(5500). Mendoza,Argentina
Full profesor of Materials course
School of Engineering
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
Parque Gral San Martín
(5500) , Mendoza. Argentina

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