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"Blockchain: Beyond the Bitcoin"

The School of Engineering of the UM-San Rafael is pleased to invite you to participate in the Pablo Reyes´Talk offered on June 21 at 7 pm.

How does this work that everyone talks about, but do not fully understand? Specialists tell us that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be seen as new development technologies with great potential. The Blockchain, the core technology behind bitcoin, could be important to revolutionize and improve the way of providing services by governments and companies.
If you are interested in the subject then do not miss the talk "Blockchain: beyond Bitcoin"

o Operation of blockchain and bitcoin
o The bitcoin ecosystem: users, miners and developers
o Wallets, blockchain and forks.
o Differences between the monetary policies of Bitcoin and fiat currencies such as the American dollar.
o The future of cryptoeconomics and new business opportunities

Pablo Reyes, our speaker

Web developer. Founder and CEO of Bitmerang SA and Reyesoft, companies that offer products such as SMSC.com.ar, which allows sending SMS in Argentina to less than 1 cent. Online billing and administrative management system for SMEs Multinexo.com. Saldo.com.ar exchange service, which manages and guarantees the exchange between users of different currencies and virtual balances such as Paypal, Bitcoin, and Skrill among others.
Pablo Reyes is passionate about entrepreneurship, travel and photography.

Admission is free, to participate complete the following form http://bit.ly/2ZrKpwr

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