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The UM keeps on growing

The Universidad de Mendoza keeps on working for its consolidation in San Rafael. In this opportunity, the UM facilities have been enlarged with the acquisition of a new building closed to the campus. This new property used to be the España hotel.

We continue to make history in the south of Mendoza and we focus on the growth of the department of San Rafael and the integral training of young people, who are laying their professional future and their integrity as good people in the UM, their integrity as good people and their dream to serve society with Excellence and professionalism.

At the time of the inauguration of the new facility, the Vice-President of the Universidad de Mendoza, Dr. Eduardo F. Luna; the Dean of the School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, Arch. Eduardo Salomón; the General Secretary of San Rafael headquarters, Ms. Daniela Sorroche -Engineer-; and former employees of España Hotel were present. It should be noted that the University maintained the labor sources of these workers, who are now part of the maintaining staff of this House of Higher Studies.

Dr. Eduardo F. Luna, vice-President of the UM gave some specifications on this novel and important event for the institution:

"Today we take the real possession of the property -former España Hotel-, which opens the possibilities of a very important academic growth of the Universidad de Mendoza in the city of San Rafael."

"This building makes possible the incorporation of new degree courses and new academic activities that the UM is able to render and that are demanded by the city of San Rafael. For us, it has been a great pride the acquisition of this property for this destination. We have spoken with the former owners, the Tercero family, from whom we received a great support for the acquisition of the property for that purpose, "he said.

"We have absorbed the former staff, that is to say that these people are not going to be left as unemployed. The Universidad de Mendoza has employed them to carry out different activities of different nature within the University, " The vice-president concluded.

Original source and pictures: Emiliano Rodríguez. UM San Rafael campus.


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