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In a time of pandemic, the UM with the collaboration of various institutions seeks to reactivate donations in Mendoza.

"DONATE BLOOD, TAKE A TREE AND SAVE LIVES" is the message that all the organizations that join the campaign promoted by the Universidad de Mendoza, and the UM Social Responsibility (RSU) area, along with Mendoza Hemotherapy Center.

June 30th is the day chosen to carry out this important blood collection, which has been joined by the “Uroclinica” Foundation, “The House of Ronald Mc Donalds”, “Fundavita”, “Motivados”, “A Tree To Breath” and “El Ciudadano” newspaper, all promoting the same objective: to reactivate blood donation in the province.











Under the concept: "If you have already made the decision, what are you waiting for?", This group of organizations invites all people who feel motivated to be donors, and who have not yet taken that important step, to do so now, since "decisions become reality when they are made."

To participate, all interested parties must request an appointment through the following link: https://darturnos.com/prestador/turnos/1682.

On Tuesday 30/6, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can visit the Regional Hemotherapy Center (Garibaldi corner with Montecaseros) to make your donation. In turn, those who participate will receive a tree from “A Tree To Breath”, the foundation that seeks that each inhabitant of the world contributes to the preservation of the environment by planting a specimen.

We appreciate your collaboration in disseminating this piece of information!

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