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PREVENT Waste: Call to present projects with innovative and sustainable solution

The German Association opens its call for the presentation of projects focused on the search for innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a circular economy in low- and middle-income countries.

These works should have a special focus on mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic or strengthening systems against future crises.

The program is aimed at teachers and researchers and ends on June 26.

PREVENT Waste is a platform for international exchange and cooperation and is part of the Action Program on the Circular Economy of German Development Cooperation. It seeks innovative and sustainable solutions that can be implemented in this time of global crisis, seeking solutions that help minimize waste, eliminate pollutants and maximize the reuse of resources by combining he experience of multiple members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance.

The solutions will address the particular needs of low- and middle-income countries to develop circular economy and self-sustainable waste management approaches.





The selected pilot projects should achieve tangible impacts on:

  •  waste prevention
  •  reuse / renovation
  •  recycling processes
  •  institutional and human capacity building
  •  sensitization
  •  regulatory frameworks.

The focus is on plastic packaging, single-use plastics and electronic waste.

Members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance (private sector, public entities, academia, civil society organizations) in cooperation with local organizations in partner countries of German development cooperation.

Financial contribution

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through the PREVENT Waste Alliance (GIZ) secretariat, will support pilot projects through financial contributions ranging from € 100,000 to € 200,000 per contractual partner.

Call: https://prevent-waste.net/en/call-for-solutions/


May-June 2020: Submission of applications: The application deadline is June 26, 2020. The PREVENIR Waste Alliance secretariat will offer digital FAQs, advise project teams and offer different exchange formats.

July 2020: Selection of projects: The secretariat, in close collaboration with the steering committee and BMZ, as the responsible ministry, will select solutions for implementation and will announce them in July.

August 2020: recruitment of selected teams: Selected project teams will be asked to submit more detailed project descriptions and budget plans. GIZ will prepare contracts in accordance with the receiving organization and internal procurement and contracting rules.

Until June 2022: Project implementation: Project implementation can begin with contracting and must end no later than June 2022.

Contact and application form: Download the application template.
- Send proposal to: contact@prevent-waste.net

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