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Santander Bank launches ´Santander X Tomorrow Challenge´ great post covid-19 solutions















• The entity allocates one million euros for the best 20 entrepreneurial projects in 14 countries that provide the best solutions to the problems that society faces due to the crisis generated by the covid-19.
• The “Santander X Tomorrow Challenge” is part of the global plan for response to coronavirus in the field of Education, endowed with 30 million euros and managed by Santander Universities.
• Entrepreneurs can register at www.santanderx.com until July 2, 2020.











Banco Santander, through Santander Universities, launches the global Santander X Tomorrow Challenge for entrepreneurs from 14 countries (Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Uruguay) which can provide innovative solutions that help mitigate the socio-economic consequences of this pandemic.

“The coronavirus is changing our world, but we can shape this change. It is the time for entrepreneurs, because when they see a challenge, they are able to imagine new solutions. We launched the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge, because we believe in them and in their ability to find an answer to today's problems and those that we are going to face in the near future, ”said Ana Botín, President of Banco Santander.

The challenge is structured in four categories that respond to four key challenges: job creation; adaptation of personal skills; reinvention and reopening of businesses and industries and new business opportunities.
Entrepreneurs can register until July 2 at www.santanderx.com/tomorrowchallenge and the applications will be evaluated by a jury made up of 12 representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and managers of Banco Santander, who will select the 20 best projects, five by category. The 20 selected, which will be announced on July 16, will receive a total contribution of one million euros in funds and benefits; 20,000 euros in cash for each and the transversal support of the bank and the participating entities that will provide more than 100 hours of mentoring by various experts; a roadshow with at least five investors per project to make financing easier; technological and innovation advice from the MIT Innovation Initiative, and access to services and software licenses.

100 million against coronavirus, 30 million out of them for Education

This initiative is part of Banco Santander's global response plan to the crisis generated by covid-19; a plan to which it has allocated 100 million euros, of which 30 have been reserved for the field of education and its initiatives are coordinated by Santander Universities. Research projects in the development of vaccines, drugs or new diagnostic techniques are being promoted, students in difficult socio-economic situations are being supported so that they can continue the academic year, studies of possible scenarios for emerging from the crisis are being carried out, and It is also working to strengthen the university system in its digital transition.

Santander X Tomorrow Challenge is another example of the entity's commitment to high-impact university entrepreneurship, which is articulated through the international Santander X project, with the aim of supporting and accompanying young entrepreneurs on their journey.
Santander X wants to become the largest university entrepreneurship community in the world, connecting entrepreneurs with the three most valuable resources for them: talent, clients and funds.

Banco Santander and its support for Higher Education

Banco Santander maintains a firm commitment to inclusive and sustainable progress and growth with a consolidated commitment to Higher Education that distinguishes it from other financial institutions in the world. With more than 1,800 million euros allocated to academic initiatives since 2002 through Santander Universities and more than 430,000 scholarships and university grants awarded since 2005, it was recognized as the company that invests the most in education in the world (Varkey / UNESCO / Fortune Report 500), with 1,000 agreements with universities and institutions in 22 countries.

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