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May 13th Universidad de Mendoza Celebrates 60 Years Teaching with Vocation and Profession

Every organized community ensures the possibility of educating its members.

On the day of the sixtieth anniversary, it is our duty to remember so many years of academic record track in the region, in the country and in the world. A special tribute to a story woven with dreams, enriched by an educational project and ennobled by the sum of the wills of our community: students, teachers and UM staff.

Our Study House celebrates its years in difficult times of pandemic and transformation and that is why - today, more than ever - we have reinvented ourselves to continue growing steadily. Of course, there is the desire to hug again, to greet us and the commitment to toast together for another new year of existence.

The Universidad de Mendoza (UM) from its origins, placing us on a May 13, 1960, was born with our School of Law and Social Sciences. It is worth mentioning that for several years it was the first and only School that lectured the degree course of Law in Mendoza, within the framework of a privately run university in the Region.

We can remember the Department of Water Law, its innumerable participations in international competitions and its extension activities: outstanding magistrates, politicians and officials graduated from its classrooms, important figures who marked with their presence an active participation in the course of our society.


Well-known visitors

The second phase of this born-new university was 1961: the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design (F.A.U.D.).
In its early days, illustrious visitors have stood out such as Sacriste, Pelli, Corona Martínez, Luis Mora, Waisman and Montaner to name a few well-known professionals.

The UM was a pioneer in promoting the tree culture, social housing and cooperativism. We can mention the FAUD doctorate characterize by the recognized educational quality in the country. This School is positioned thanks to the tireless contribution to urban heritage through its master plans to improve the quality of life in our city and in others in the Argentine Republic.

The UM has traveled a journey of learning and evolution. For example, in the first decade, our young School of Engineering took its first steps programming internships for its students on Mendoza television. With conviction and concerned about reality, in the 80s and 90s he carried out the IEMA Institute for the Environment, which carried out measurements to reduce the contamination of our habitat.

The robotics competitions, the RAPI Radio of the UM and its relationship with the German technology schools and the Department of Technology are very fondly remembered with emotion in these virtual times.

Consolidation, expansion and positioning stage

The new millennium brought two very productive decades for the UM with the advent of the School of Health Sciences and Economic Sciences and subsequently the School of Medical Sciences. In addition, our campuses are born in San Rafael, Río Cuarto and the Cipolletti classroom; Neuralgic points of population that lead the UM to provide excellent education for the entire country.

A diligent management that creates perfect bonds between the School and works together and inter-disciplinarily focused on the internationalization of the High Studies House. The latest creation of the UM is the ETEC Secondary School, which operates in the department of Godoy Cruz, executing a unique and innovative educational project of its kind.

Successfully evaluated twice by CONEAU (National Commission of University Accreditation) for its academic modality, for its Extension, Bonding and Research activities, for its human quality, its evolution and for its avant-garde spirit.
Our graduates working strategically around the world, had positions of privilege in internationally renowned institutions (UN, Google, NASA and Pelli Cesar Arquitects, among others). All young professionals at the UM are also recognized with whom we meet daily in the streets of Mendoza, in the south of Mendoza, in lands of Rio Negro or in the Rio de Janeiro city of Córdoba.

Art and sport

The UM in all its Schools and departments offers community services, courses, workshops and recreational activities. In addition, the performance of the San Rafael Choir and its Theater group at the Central Headquarters stands out.
Another reason for pride is health activities with the “Healthy Minute” program and the importance it gives to sport, awarded in several championships, in inter-university competitions in Mendoza, in various disciplines.

UM Building history

When we are sixty years old, we would like to remember the buildings in which the Universidad de Mendoza´s activities have been developed from its beginnings to the present.

The Universidad de Mendoza began its first-degree course, that of Legal and Social Sciences, sharing a building with the “Instituto Cuyano de Educación Integral” high school (ICEI), where a second course of study -Architecture and Urban Planning- was also organized. Then a land was acquired in the former Dag Hammarskjold Passage -Emilio Descote- in the fifth section of the city of Mendoza, almost adjacent to the San Martín Park.

While this building was being built, the Schools worked in an old rented house, on Calle Boulogne Sur Mer, almost on the corner of Emilio Civit. The new building for Architecture was designed by its first Dean, Architect Enrico Tedeschi, with the collaboration of Architect Daniel Ramos Correas and engineers Azzoni and Franciosi. It should be noted that this building was built with prefabricated elements, and its design has been recognized and published in specialized magazines in our country, Italy and France. In addition, it was selected for the exhibition on Latin American Architecture, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, a few years ago. It is important to note that it was declared a National Historic Monument last year.

To the land where the building for the Architecture degree course was built, the purchase of two other lands was added. One located on the east side and the other on the west side, with access to Boulogne Sur Mer street. The buildings assigned for the School of Engineering and the School of Law and Social Sciences were built in both areas, also designed by the team of professionals who designed the School of Architecture.

Following the building of the School of Engineering, the UM acquired land and built the Central Library and the Assembly Hall. When the School of Health Sciences was created, a large plot of land was purchased for its operation in the South East corner of Huarpes and Arístides Villanueva, where the modern glass building was built. Almost simultaneously, on land acquired south of the School of Architecture, the building was built for new Design careers, complementary to the Architecture degree, for that reason the School took the name of School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design FAUD. The School of Economic Sciences also works in this building. It should be mentioned that these new buildings were designed by Arch. Raúl Amprimo, former Dean of the FAUD, together with teaching engineers from the said Study House. Also in the basements of the Health Sciences building, a large parking lot was projected, which significantly released the car-parking problem in that city area.

Finally, on land acquired by the University many years ago in the Department. de Godoy Cruz, in which the Institute of Environmental Studies worked, a new building has been constructed, destined for the ETEC Technical School of secondary level of the University, which is named after the Ex Rector, Ing. Salvador Puliafito.

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