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“Mendoza Respira” Project - UM

“Mendoza Respira (Mendoza´s breathing)” project was born from the idea of a group of engineers, businessmen, teachers and other professionals from Mendoza, coordinated by Alejo Vila.

These professionals have decided to work collaboratively to develop assisted breathing devices under the complicated health situation caused by the entry of the COVID-19 virus into our province.

  This initiative was welcomed by the Institute of Bioengineering belonging to the Universidad de Mendoza (Ibio), putting bioengineering and establishing the necessary standards for the viability of the project.

Currently, the project is part of the Institute's projects and is in the final phase of development to carry out performance tests by the University's BioIEM.    

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Institute of Bioengineering of the University of Mendoza has been working on various topics to contribute to the solution of the pandemic.

These works include quick guides for expanding the capacity of intensive care units, development of mechanical ventilation strategies, and mathematical models to predict disease behavior.
Specifically, in relation to the project, the Institute has prepared documentation with standards for the development of these machines. These documents were the first produced in the country and are the reference not only for "Mendoza Respira", but also for the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo and the IMPSA company.

The developers of the project in collaboration with the Bioengineering Institute are:
Alejo Vila, Luis Navarro, José Tittos, Marcelo Hoffman, Gustavo Pesalaccia, Guillermo Mier
Guillermo Laiseca, Rodrigo Zamorano, Nahuel Cano, Leonardo Flaviani, Esteban Berná, Maximiliano Wilde, Tomas Heduan, Emanuel Trillini, Matías Canosa

Marcelo Bosello, Ezequiel Rosenblat, Esteban Lencione, Emiliano Di Chiara y Cristina Párraga

Gastón Jarén, Gabriel Quintero, Johanna Casado, Hugo Di Lorenzo, Matías Cantón, Guillermo Castillo, Silvina Moyano.


Valentina Chiarlo, Aldana Palma.

Ignacio Bosch, Silvina Zárate, Paula Tapia, Johana Sanchez, Belén Olivera, Agustín Quiroga, Santiago García, Juan Ignacio Drovandi, Clara Lisazo, Natalia Massaccesi, Germán Doffo, Julián Ianardi, Paula Del Pópolo.

The following images show the assisted breathing device in its


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