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Metabolism Workshop

Aimed at first-year students of the degrees Bachelor of Nutrition and Bachelor of Kinesiology at the Universidad de Mendoza Rio Cuarto Headquarters.

The metabolism involves all the reactions of synthesis and degradation that take place in the organism, therefore it relates to all those substances that are necessary to possess, produce or degrade for the performance of a physical activity.

It is vitally important for all those who, in one way or another, work in health and sports (Teachers, Graduates, Trainers, among others) the knowledge of the physiological effects of performing physical activities in the human organism.

The proposal of this Workshop was thought from the department of Seminar I, of the Ba In Kinesiology, and Biochemistry, of the Ba In Nutrition, in charge of the professors Laura Rombolá and Carolina Castillo, completing the team Gastón Vicentini, Jesica Abatedaga and Leandro Gonzales, staff of Habitus Gym staff.

The main objective of the workshop proposal was to induce students to understand and value the importance of the basic concepts of biochemistry for the interpretation of physiological phenomena.
A special thanks to all Habitus Gym staff for the openness with our students.

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