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4th Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign: the UM present

The main objective was to PHOTO_EDUCATE the largest number of citizens, as well as strengthen the message of prevention and skin care throughout the year.

On October 5, 2019, the University participated in this Campaign in the Benegas Park - Godoy Cruz, relieving more than 350 people with the volunteer work of teachers, support staff and students of all careers, especially Medical Sciences.

The FREE and VOLUNTARY checking of moles, lesions and spots on the skin was performed in order to PREVENT skin cancer whose main cause is inadequate exposure to UV rays. By means of several stands installed by the Ministry of Health of the Nation and its Mobile Health Unit (USM) together with the Hospitals: Militar, Español, Universitario, Santa Isabel de Hungría, El Carmen and Fleming (OSEP), Cuyo Clinic, professionals of the Mendoza Section of the Argentine Society of Dermatology (SAD) around 300 people were evaluated in order to detect suspicious lesions and advise the steps to follow.
Our students participated in the task of INFORMING and our professors of the department of Dermatology in REVIEWING. From the BioIEM Laboratory, statistical data on the health of the skin of our community will be SYSTEMATIZED and the report will be prepared with everything done in the Campaign.

“Through our Volunteering, we collaborate contributing to the logistics of the organization of the event together with “Fundavita” foundation and the Municipality of Godoy Cruz. We highlight the students{ work of the FCM in the filling of the files completed by patients”, tells Ms. Roxana Martínez, coordinator of the University Social Responsibility Program (RSU) of the University.

The day had simultaneous activities, especially aimed at all audiences, such as the stands of “Farmacias del Plata”, “Argentine Red Cross”,”OSEP”, “Health Department of the Municipality of Godoy Cruz”, all of them informing about moles and spots on the skin that can be a sign of alert. There was also the traditional Hat Intervention Contest focused particularly on children, who, along with the PayaMedicos (clown doctors) , participated in the awards for the different categories.

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