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3rd Successful Edition of “Going Along the UM”

The intercultural event that the Universidad de Mendoza carries out every year has managed to be institutionalized and to impose itself with increasing force. We thank all who accompanied us!

 The call exceeded all forecasts. The good vibes, the willingness to spend a nice day, the approach and participation among all members of the UM Community (students, teachers, administrative staff and support staff) were crucial for everything to develop in a relaxed and successful way.

This year the gastronomic, artistic proposal and the recreational activities far exceeded that of previous editions and had a great reception on the part of the students.

Exchange students, who are attending a semester at the UM, presented the culture and customs of their countries of origin.

Germany, France, Mexico, Colombia and Spain presented their typical food stands, decorated with traditional colors, flags and icons (all created by incoming mobility students).

Students from San Rafael Headquarters and Río Cuarto Headquarters joined this event and shared a day of celebration and cultural exchange with their colleagues at the Headquarters.

On behalf of the authorities of the Universidad de Mendoza, the vice-rector, Architect Eduardo Salomón, thanked the massive assistance of students, professors, administrative and support staff of the UM and conveyed a warm greeting from the rector of the University, Dr. Eduardo Luna.

Sebastián Melchor, representative of Renewable Natural Resources of the province, was also present, as well as the elected mayor of the City of Mendoza (graduated from the UM) Ulpiano Suárez, who in addition to congratulating the UM for this new edition of “going along the UM ”and celebrating interculturality, rappelled down from one of the University buildings.

The UM Directorate of International Relations wants to especially thank the student tutors, whose commitment made this event a success, as well as Technology and all the areas of the university that accompanied and collaborated in the organization.

"Going along the UM" year after year grows in summons and in new possibilities of celebrations, in typical meals, in games, in dances and all the support to the intercultural in our university and our society.

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