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A new method to improve your emotional skills.

The University Social Responsibility Program, belonging to the Directorate of Extension and Institutional Relations, of the Universidad de Mendoza, invites the entire UM community to participate in the workshop called "Tangoterapia".

Tangotherapy will be on Thursday from 3 pm at the DIERI, located in Aristides Villanueva 773 city street.

It is a free and open activity to the whole community; thus, parents and grandparents of students, teachers and support staff of the University can also participate.

Registrations are made to the following email. extension@um.edu.ar

What is tangotherapy?

The aim of these workshops is not to learn to dance ballroom tango, but is used as a therapeutic method, it includes gestalt school techniques and group dynamics. Through the lyrics of tango, cognitive skills such as memory, attention, perception and language are strengthened. Through dance, muscular tone, posture, joints and motor skills are worked on and thanks to the encounter with the other, social skills are developed, overcoming inhibitions and improving self-esteem and confidence.


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