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Workshop about “I go along the UM”, Intercultural Day-3rd Edition

The Directorate of International Relations and Postgraduate of the UM is pleased to invite the entire university community to participate in this great meeting.

The expected event "I go along the UM" will take place on October 4 from 11 am. at 4 pm in the courtyard of the University Headquarters and is intended for students, teachers and all the staff of our Institution. Free admission.

As every year, the intention is:

1. Socialize in the UM community the culture of our incoming mobility students;
2. Provide an opportunity for students, professors and UM staff to know the internationalization options that the UM has;
3. Make the UM students loyal and favor the construction of social ties between them and foreign students.

In this 2019 edition, we expect a much larger attendance than in previous years, since, among others, numerous recreational and sports activities organized by the UM Sports Team and coordinated by Professor Cristian Fermani will be included.

During the day, attendees can taste typical meals of exchange students, as there will be a stand for each country that visits us this semester. German food, Arabic and tropical juices from the Food Trucks will accompany us, as well as our traditional empanadas at the Argentine stand.
You can also participate in recreational activities, such as: joining the Ping Pong Inter-universities Championship, rappeling down the university buildings, playing Metegol, learning Salsa with the Director of the Cuban Salsa School in Mendoza, challenging the Jenga Gigante, and enjoy surprises prepared especially for that day.

Prizes will be awarded, donated by our sponsors.

Not only teachers but also students and staff in general may be informed of the internationalization programs that this Office has to offer: semiannual and annual mobility; short programs abroad; UM mobility support scholarships; UM scholarships to study languages in our University and abroad; study trips to Italy, New York and Japan; the Disney Exchange Program experience and much more.

They support and accompany us:

• Amegan Food Trucks
• Escuela de Salsa Cubana -School of Cuban Salsa in Mendoza
• Imaginary Art
• Rosé method
• USE Work and Travel
• Assist Card
• “Entre dos”
• ArCor
• Ciudad u!

"I go along the UM" grows year by year, being a meeting expected by all, and this edition promises to be an unforgettable party.

We wait for you!
To see the Program of activities click here.

More information:
International Relations Office
Mendoza University
e.mail: relationsinternacionales@um.edu.ar

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