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Forum about Equal Opportunities between Men and Women

A space to reflect on the subject with the contribution of leading professionals.

The Universidad de Mendoza through the Directorate of Extension and Institutional Relations (DiERI-UM), together with the Association of Executives and Businesswomen of Tourism of Mendoza (ASEET Mendoza) will hold this Forum to address the topic “Equal Opportunities between Men and Women". It will be on Tuesday, September 10 – 4.00 pm to 7.00pm- in the Aula Magna of the Universidad de Mendoza.

After the welcome words, the conference “keys to understanding the labor gap” by Abg. María José Elmelaj Fava will discuss the employability situation and its perspective.

The Equal Opportunities Panel, in charge of the business sector, is expected to address the issue of accessing equal pay between men and women.

Finally, we will close with the Keynote Conference "Women in Justice", by the first and only female member of the Supreme Court of Justice of Mendoza, Dr. Aida Kemelmajer, who held the position between 1983 to 2010.

The event is promoted by ASEET, a nonprofit civil society organization, which is projected as a leader of leaders committed to gender issues and development of the Province in the tourism and social field. The members of ASEET Mendoza are women from different sectors who want to be part of a movement that promotes changes in issues of Employment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sustainable Development Goals, Community and Education, Technological Innovation, on the basis of “entrepreneurial abilities” that are part of the "being" woman.

You are invited to register on the website: www.aseetmendoza.org and the solidarity ticket is a 1 milk box of 800gr that will be donated to the Mutual Association "Smiles and Hope" N ° M478.

“From the UM, we summon the entire community looking for the consensus that will allow us together and complementary, to reach a Mendoza, every day growing more in education and tourism, but above all, in the well-being of its citizens,” says Dr. Cristina Párraga, director of the DiERI. We are waiting for you to be an active part of this Forum.

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