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Fullbright Scholarships and Stays for Research in the US

The call for scholarships in the United States for researchers with a PhD thesis in progress or with a completed doctorate working in universities is open.

The Directorate of International Relations and Postgraduate of the University of Mendoza announces that the Fullbright Commission has opened the call for scholarships for research stays in the United States. In conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of the Nation, scholarships will be awarded to:

Researchers with a PhD thesis in progress (PhD level) or Researchers with a completed doctorate (post PhD level) working in universities or other academic and / or scientific institutions in Argentina.

The scholarships cover round trip ticket, monthly stipend and health insurance.

Recipients: researchers from universities or other Argentine academic and / or scientific institutions.
Purpose: to conduct PhD and post PhD research stays at universities in the United States.
Duration: 3 months
Period of realization: The research stays will take place between June 2020 and June 2021.
Amount: up to 10 scholarships will be awarded within the framework of this call.
Registration: Until September 9, 2019 inclusive


a) Have Argentine nationality and be residing in the country at the time of applying for the scholarship.
b) Be a graduate of the Argentine Higher Education of careers of not less than four years.
c) Prove performance as a researcher in a university or other academic and / or scientific institution in Argentina.
d) Present a research project that constitutes a substantial contribution to the development of the field of specialization.
e) Prove good command of the English language equivalent to 550 points in the TOEFL test.
f) Present an invitation letter from the American university in which you will carry out the research.

For PhD level stays:

i) certify your enrollment in a PhD program,
ii) have all the courses completed and be writing the PhD thesis,
ii) submit a letter from the thesis Director, supporting the grant application.
g) Scholarships are not available to Argentines who have started a program for graduates in the United States or who are studying, researching or teaching in American universities.
h) Applicants who have dual citizenship, Argentine and American or have permanent resident status in the United States are not eligible.

For post PhD level stays:

i) Prove your performance as a researcher in a university or other academic and / or scientific institution by means of a proof of position or current research project.

ii) Certificates proving: up to 3 (three) of the positions currently held as a teacher; up to 3 (three) of the research projects in which he currently participates, indicating the quality of his participation and the seniority in the project; up to 3 (three) of the other labor relations that you have with other universities or other institutions; and simple photocopies of certificates of up to 3 (three) academic positions or other work that you no longer have today.

iii) Proof of your ad honorem social participation in up to 3 (three) social, cultural, educational or professional organizations of which you are a member and / or currently participating.

iv) Research project in Spanish and English (in the pre-established format).

v) Two letters of recommendation in Spanish (except that the referent is not Spanish-speaking, in which case the applicant must submit a simple translation of the original into Spanish), addressed to the Scholarship Evaluation Committee for researchers of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of the Nation and the Fulbright Commission - Call 2020-2021.

vi) Invitation / admission letter from the institution that receives it in the United States (hereinafter the host institution), which must specify the exact dates on which it will receive the applicant.

For more information on the registration process:

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