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Friends of Fulbright Scholarships

Fulbright opens its call to undergraduate students who want to live an academic experience in the United States.

The scholarship is intended for undergraduate students interested in sharing an experiential and academic experience with students from the United States and various countries of the world within the framework of the "Friends of Fulbright" Program, which is also promoted by the Embassy of the United States.

The beneficiaries of this scholarship will attend classes and seminars at an accredited US university and will be part of a special cultural immersion program that includes the opportunity to carry out cultural and volunteer activities. The granting of academic credits for the classes taken will depend on the possibility offered by the host university in the United States and will also be subject to the approval of the University where he studies in Argentina.

This scholarship will cover round trip transportation, maintenance, health insurance and total cost of the program to be performed in the United States. In no case is it foreseen the cover of passage or maintenance of the scholarship's family, management and cost of the visa.

Data to take into account:

Duration of the stay: the courses last from 5 to 7 weeks.

Period of realization: between January and March of 2020.

Closing date: August 05, 2019

Recipients: Students of all careers, with the exception of: Physical Education, Pharmacy, Hospitality, Kinesiology, Marketing, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Advertising, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Translation, Tourism.
Host institutions: Students will be sent to universities located in different cities that represent the diversity of the United States. The destination university will be defined after the selection interview.

Amount: up to 10 scholarships within the framework of this call.


1. Argentine nationality; dwelling in the country when applying for the scholarship.
2. Be 24 years old or younger until March 31, 2020.
3. Be a regular student of higher education in the Argentine Republic, attending degree courses with a duration not shorter than 4 years and be sponsored by the Head of the Office of International Relations (ORI).
4. Have outstanding partial academic average of at least 7/10 points.
5. Have a minimum level of English of approximately 80 points in Internet Based TOEFL or its equivalent.

6. Scholarships are not available for Argentines who have started a program for graduates in the United States or who are studying, researching or teaching at American universities.
Applicants who hold dual nationality, Argentine and American or have permanent resident status in the United States are not eligible.

Important dates

Online registration: Until August 5, 2019 inclusive, each applicant must register (clik) to participate in the call.

Digital application: Until August 5, 2019 inclusive, each applicant will digitally send the DOCUMENTS TO REQUEST  A SCHOLARSHIP (see section II of this Regulation).

To know the steps to follow to apply and complete the documentation, please contact:

International Relations Office
4202017 int. 377

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