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Choosing…a path from vocation to profession

Talked-workshops aimed at students of secondary schools to forge vocations.

Last Tuesday, June 18, a talked-Workshop was held on "Choosing ... a path of vocation to the profession". The recipients in this opportunity were the students of fifth year of the Secondary Institute Lanteriano La Merced.

The activity was managed by the Area of Communication and Extension of the  Rio Cuarto city Headquarter of the UM, in charge of the Rosana Cardetti, and carried out by the Service of Orientation to the Student and the Teacher (SOED) in-situ.

During the same, the vision and institutional mission of the UM was introduced as a general framework, to then give rise to a talk-workshop on the vocational choice and its challenges by Dr. Marcos Faletti.

Throughout the talk, 5th year-students' previous notions about the vocation and the notion of the future were worked on, enabling a dialogue that allowed recognizing the challenges and responsibilities involved in the vocational choice as the first step towards the construction of a professional future.

We worked on the recognition of interests, abilities and aptitudes, and provided key information that allows adolescents to approach institutions or spaces where to display their vocational interests.

At the same time, material was provided for the recognition of personality characteristics that can favor this search and vocational development in a dynamic and highly demanding context.

In this way, emphasis was placed on the social responsibility of our institution for continuing to nourish professional vocations, giving a clear message that motivates adolescents to continue believing in education as a driver of change and improvement.

The Educational Institutions wishing to have this type of Talk / Workshop for secondary students can be contacted through the following means:

Mail: rosana.cardetti@um.edu.ar
Tel: 0358-4702427 extension 617

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