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University Diploma in SIGN LANGUAGE

The sign language of deaf communities is one of the privileged ways through which hearing unpaired people express themselves, acquire knowledge, access culture, insert themselves into social life and work activities.

What is studied in a University Diploma in Sign Language?

The "University Diploma in Sign Language" is organized around four (4) Axes of Professional, Disciplinary, Methodological and Linguistic Training constituted by a total of eleven (11) mandatory modules.
Through the Diploma you will acquire skills in the use of sign language Argentina. Professionals with interlanguage skills will be trained to deal with rigor and ethical-political reflexivity, in different areas of insertion and professional practice; guaranteeing communicational accessibility to deaf people.
Where can I work with a Diploma in Sign Language?

Upon completion of the Diploma the graduate will be able to:

1. Communicate effectively with all hearing unpaired people, and integrate them into the daily activities of the community.
2. Participate in multilingual intervention projects (Spanish - Sign Language) in oral and written productions.
3. Participate as linguistic and cultural mediator in social environments.
4. Participate in the linguistic and communicational protocolary advice in institutional environments and / or organizations.
5. Facilitate interpersonal and institutional communication between deaf and hearing people.

How is the Diploma Program proposal organized academically?

The study plan lasts 12 months of course; under a face-to-face study modality, with two (2) weekly meetings (Monday and Wednesday) from 7 pm to 11 pm.
Start date of the first module: August 5, 2019.
To achieve the registration, you must submit the following documentation:
- Certificate of studies achieved.
- Birth Certificate
- Photocopy of National Identity Document
- Police Record

This Diploma has the Declaration of Municipal Interest No. 2475/19 (Government of the City of Rio Cuarto).

Those wishing to access more details can download the attached PDF to know: CLICK HERE
• Curriculum
• Training objectives
• Registration requirements
• Fees

For more information and registration:
Go to the Report Area of the UM Rio Cuarto Headquarters:
From Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Address: Belgrano corner Hipólito Yrigoyen - Río Cuarto
Tel: 0358-4620771 / 4702427 int 601/609

mail: info.riocuarto@um.edu.ar¿Cómo está organizada académicamente la propuesta del Diplomado?

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