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“Sharing Knowledge on Fridays”

Cooperation Agreements between the Association "Ronald Mc Donald House and the UM in action.

In a cozy atmosphere, on June 7 at the House of Ronald McDonald, the cycle of talks "Friday, sharing knowledge" has tarted as part of the mutual collaboration agreement between the International Association and the Universidad de Mendoza.

This framework agreement, carried out through the RSU (University Social Responsibility) Axis belonging to the Office of Extension and Institutional Relations (DiERI-UM), implements this cycle to combine the Extension and Liaison efforts of each of the University's Academic Units.

The work of University Volunteering involves teachers, support staff and students of the UM that throughout the year will "share their knowledge."

The House, the second in the country, created in 2003 is very close to the Dr. Humberto Notti Pediatric Hospital, thanks to Fundavita, who donated the land. The House provides temporary housing and emotional containment to families from provinces near Mendoza and the interior of Mendoza and has a daily capacity for 11 families, as well as kitchens, game rooms and entertainment, library, garden, organic garden and laundry for the well-being of same. Through the Program “for Families of Day”, it provides a space of emotional containment and rest to families in transit who perform outpatient treatment in the Hospital in areas of oncology, dialysis, hematology, mothers of neonatology and parents of Intensive Therapy.
On the first Friday in June, Carolina Grimalt and Carla Forti Nutrition graduates from the Maternal and Child Nutrition and Normal Nutrition I professors gave a pleasant talk on "How to feed themselves in a safe way", of which fathers and mothers actively participated. Both also provide their services in the Food Processing area of the Hospital.

Through a multimedia presentation, the professionals showed the care to be taken into account in the handling and conservation of meat, dairy and vegetables; but, above all, the fundamental rules to maintain the safety of food. With a simple language and multiplicity of practical examples and to fix the knowledge, the participants had to solve a series of exercises and "trivia".

It should also be mentioned that from the RSU-UM "collaborative work ties" were tended with the Medikids Medical Center, whose members donated the milk powder of the month used by the Association's WELFARE UNIT, says Lic. Roxana Martínez, in charge of the Program. This device consists of a Mobile that travels through the Hospital staffed by The House volunteers and offers drinks, cookies, fruits and books to make it more bearable and to alleviate the painful feelings that families with children in the Intensive Care and Neonatology Unit are living.


The "Fridays, sharing knowledge" program, is soon extended to the degree courses of Psychology, Medicine and other Academic Units, as our motto "creating bridges through knowledge", closes Dr. Cristina Párraga, in charge of the Directorate.

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