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Our Anatomy as Addiction Victim

A Talk / Debate was held at the Rio Cuarto Campus of the Universidad de Mendoza, where the central topic was "anatomy as a victim of addictions".

Within the framework of different extension activities arisen from the degree courses that are dictated in the Universidad de Mendoza-Rio Cuarto, a Chat / Debate was held: "Our Anatomy as Victim of Addictions".
The proposal arose from the chair of Anatomy, in charge of Dr. Lic. Matías Mercau, professor in the degree courses of Radiology and Surgical Instrumentation; taught at the Rio Cuarto Campus.

At the beginning of the talk, the was a 1st year students´ exhibition, were they talked about the different addictions that afflict our health.

Later the meeting included the participation of the professionals of the AD VITAM Therapeutic Community, Dr. María Marta Abrudeño, Dr. Lucía Caffaratti and Lic. Ana Julia Lubrina. The Professionals presented clinical cases and the debate took place.


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