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First graduation act of “grandparents on the web”

When learning has no time or age.

"The computer scares me, ...", "Noo and if I send a mess and then it does not work", "My son does not want to teach me how to use the computer, he sits with me, he presses three buttons and he renewed my banking fixed term deposit", are some of the phrases that our students comment on in the first class.

Since the beginning of this school year, the University Social Responsibility Program belonging to the Extension Department of the Universidad de Mendoza, joined the program "Grandparents on the web".

Although this project has been in charge of the Supervielle Bank's Social Responsibility Program for several years, the Universidad de Mendoza graduated its first cohort on Friday, December first of this year.

"Without doubt, we initiated the most ambitious and fun project that the Program could have and that was proposed by the Bank: to make older adults able to manage the PC, the Tablet and the cell phone as usual." We also added: "And to also make it within a fun and relaxed environment," said Lic. Roxana Martínez, Coordinator of the University Social Responsibility Program.

Therefore, the next challenge was simple, added Dr. Ing. Cristina Párraga, Director of Extension: "Search for Teachers who want to join the initiative. It seems that in a University this should not be difficult. Teaching is one of our main components, but we said ... what if we give it one more round and instead of qualified teachers, used to more formal and rigid structures, we look for new graduates or students? And we were fascinated by the idea.

"The most curious thing was to select the  new teachers. We came to the conclusion that it could not be 'any student' either, above all these teachers should need two conditions: almost infinite patience and knowledge, along with the time to be able to share with our new students", he said. "We launched a call and so we selected our teaching team: Alicia Correa, Estefanía Sánchez, Melisa Fanara, Julieta Manzano and Pedro Ortega. We shape pedagogical pairs and we have already trained the grandparents with more than 150 hours. Today we reach our first 25 graduates! "He concludes.

"The most important point of all is that to many of our graduates, it was the first time they attended a university and were able to obtain a diploma of competence certification.  I think that is the most valuable achievement we could have fulfilled this year. Sharing with them was an enriching experience for both, students and "new teachers" ends Lic. Martinez.

The topics that covered the course were:

• Acknowledgement of computer parts
• Text processor
• Creation of Mail user
• The web
• Use of an ATM
• User creation and use of Home banking
• Cellular use and applications
• Social networks
• Use of WhatsApp

The graduates were:

• AROCAS, Noemí Esther
• AYLES, Cristina Rebeca Mercedes
• BARRERA, Dominga Ester
• BARROSO, Marta Isabel
• BAY, Fernanda
• CABEZA, Silvia Noemí
• CABRERA, Alida Clementina
• CATTANEO, Mirta Rosa
• CELIS, Miguel Ángel
• COLL, Carlos Fermín
• CRESCITELLI, Esther Alicia
• FABRETTI, Maria Delia
• FARIAS, Elvira
• FRAILE, Ángela Estela
• GARCÍA , Manuel Teofilo
• GUIÑAZU, Celia Mónica
• LAPIRA, Cristina
• ORTÍZ, María De Los Ángeles
• PERALTA, Susana Ibis
• QUERO, María Elena
• RAMOS , Juan Alberto
• RIVEROS, María del Carmen
• RICHARDI, Amelia Fidela
• ROJAS, Lucía
• TICHELLI, Concepción Inés
• VALLES, María Graciela

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