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University Olympic Games of Taipei

The Universiad de Mendoza, Rio Cuarto, participated in these competencies through the student of BA In kinesiology, Habib Salvador Baduy.

The 29 ° Universiade of Summer came to an end. It was 12 unforgettable days for the thousands of student athletes who met to compete, share and learn another culture.

The city of Taipei completely opened the city gates and all of its citizens greeted the athletes and their teams with a smile.
In these Olympic University Games, Argentina was represented by a historical delegation of 252 people among whom participated the student of the degree in Kinesiology, Habib Salvador Baduy, of the Universidad de Mendoza, Río Cuarto campus. The UM is truly proud to count with so outstanding students in sports disciplines at national level.

Habib is a member of the Argentine Judo team and represented our country (and the Universidad de Mendoza) at the University Olympic Games in the category of 100 kg.

More than 2500 young people from all over the country signed up to participate in the selection of all disciplines, showing the expectations generated by the university sport.

Habib Baduy was 1st place in the Argentine University championship in the city of San Juan in the month of April 2017.
He has competed internationally since 2007 in children's categories, sub 16, sub 18 and sub 21/major.
He has been 12 times the Argentinian champion.
He was a South American and Pan American medalist in 2013.
He has participated in the Sub 21 World Cup in Slovenia in Europe.
He is from Rio Negro province; Resident in our city for 5 years.
Student of the last year of the degree course in BA in Kinesiology. -

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