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"Methodology of the Scientific and Practical Research of the Critical and Argumentative Thinking", 7ª Edition.

The Institute of Biomedical Research (INBIOMED) introduces the seventh edition of the course "Methodology of Scientific and Practical Research of Critical and Argumentative Thinking ", oriented to scientific research.
The present aimed at regular students of the School of Health Sciences and the Bioengineering Career of the School of Engineering of the Universidad de Mendoza; and students from other degree programs interested in scientific research.

The course is starting on September 7th and is rendered in the School of Health Sciences of this university. The contents of the program will be oriented to: introduction with basic concepts, guided tours, reading and comprehension of bibliographic material, presentation and discussion of scientific works. The course also offers the possibility of competing for an internship in INBIOMED for next year.
The course is free. Entries are made via email to inbiomed@um.edu.ar or to 4202017 int. 194

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