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University Technician in Sound and Acoustics
University Technician in Sound and Acoustics
Approved by the department of Education Resolution n 2015 on Aug/04, 2015. Degree: Técnico Universitario en Sonido y Acústica Length: 6 semesters The science of sound and acoustics is not sufficiently developed in our country. An evidence of this is the notorious lack of professionals in this branch of knowledge in public and private organisms, either to approach topics related to measurement, health and safety, design of venues and concert halls and auditoriums, as well as limiting noise in public performances. The same problems arises at the moment of designing public and private buildings, such as restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping malls and, particularly those facilities related to health. Goals The training of professionals with knowledge about methods of calculation and measuring procedures that are necessary to measure and control noise levels in workplaces, and to verify the complying the corresponding regulations and rules in force. Likewise, these professional will work along engineers and architects to improve sound quality in the entertaining industry, like theaters , stadiums and recording studios. Graduate profile This technician will be able to: Install electroacoustic systems, integrating several variables in the context to improve the message sound quality in open and close spaces, in accordance with quality standards, regulations in force, safety and capacity of the working team. Participate in the planning, project, implementation, building and initial installation and/ or sound improvement of sites already built and open, public or private places, with the purpose of achieving sound comfort according to every activity. General Curriculum 1st Year First Semester Algebra Systems of Representation Physics Technical English Language Computing Second Semester Mathematical Analysis Sound Thermodynamics Electrical Engineer Laboratory I 2nd Year Third Semester Statistics Electronics Acoustics I Digital Signal Processing Fourth Semester Noise Control Audio Acoustic Measuring and Tools Acoustics II Laboratory II 3rd Year Fifth Semester Software for Sound and Acoustics Psychoacoustics Sound Reinforcement Project Management Laboratory III
Specialized Teacher (graduates with professional degree)
Specialized Teacher (graduates with professional degree)
Approved by the department of Education Resolution nº95/04. Degree: Profesor Universitario en (área o disciplina que acredite la formación de grado). Length: 3 semesters. Graduate profile The Teaching course for graduates with a professional degree is aimed at the training of a professional who can teach in all of Argentina, especially in the Province of Mendoza. This professional will have a strong background in educational research. Thus, they will be able to participate in related research projects, concerning with the classroom process of knowledge building; in the educational transposition and mediation; or in the management of the institutional educational policies among others. In addition, this teacher has solid knowledge related to new models of educational management, networking, coaching and mentoring activities, entitling them to be a leading participant in the design, development and evaluation of innovative educational projects. The purpose is to train this teacher as a professional who can not only integrate inter and multidisciplinary work teams but also cooperate in the decision making of the educational government work, checking permanently the curricular and pedagogical models of the institution as a whole; or the area, department , where their task as teacher is inserted. Degree Scope This Teacher is a professional trained to: Plan, lead and assess teaching and learning processes in the disciplines of their degree concern, at all levels in the Argentine educational system. Design, develop, monitor and evaluate research projects and educational innovation in different areas: local, , institutional and curricular , among others. Take part in educational and institutional activities (organizational, administrative and community bonding, properly managing of educational institutions) . Design, validate and assess didactic material for students and colleagues’ support, under the Institutional Education Project. Be part of interdisciplinary teams and corporate management. General Curriculum 1st semester Learning Subject 1 Curriculum 1 Educational System Educational Institution Research Methodology 1 2nd Semester Learning Subject 2 Curriculum 2 Teaching Mediation Research Methodology 2 Supplementary Technical English 3rd Semester Education IT Innovation and Institutional Change Internship and Research Elective course Elective Courses Organization and Institutional Management Learning Processes Assessment Resources and Techniques for the Teaching Analysis of Educational Software Requirements to start this Teacher degree course To award a university graduate degree. This cycle is a supplement to the individual degree training, this is why the degree graduation is of paramount importance to be registered in this course of study. This course is rendered in three semesters approximately, depending on the professional practice length.
Agro-industry Maintenance University Technician
Agro-industry Maintenance University Technician
Approved by the department of Education Resolution nº 2014 on August 4, 2015. Degree: Técnico Universitario en mantenimiento agroindustrial Length: 5 semesters. Mendoza is a region of fruit and vegetable production with great potential. Local agroindustry, even in less proportion than the wine growing industry, is now including new and cutting-edge technology to meet demanding markets. Within this context and taking into account the nowadays high technology investment need - which implies more complex and quality demanding processes - people properly trained in this field become of paramount importance. Goals This course trains people able to be in charge of gear, equipment, machines and facilities affecting industry or companies dealing with wine production or agroindustry. This technician will be qualified and capable to apply techniques of monitoring and /or repair in order to reduce to a minimum the time in case of failure of equipment of processes. The same technician will have the ability to generate and effectively perform maintenance plans to ensure the successful operation of machines and processes. Graduate Profile This course provides the graduates with the knowledge and ability to: Perform the activities of the Technical Planning Office. Participate in the production of programs of predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance. Interact with the industrial safety area Achieve the maintenance in the industries concerning wine production and agroindustry Apply and supervise the protocols compliance according to the company’s standards and national/international regulations in force. General Curriculum 1st Year First Semester Chemistry Algebra Numeracy Business Organization Information Technology Second Semester Physics Representation Systems Probability and Statistics Material Resistance English 1 2nd Year Third semester Thermodynamics Industrial Electrotechnics Mechanics Cultivation Techniques English 2 Fourth Semester Electronics Industrial Hygiene and Safety Labor Legislation Heat Engine Electrical Machines and Facilities 3rd Year Fifth Semester Industrial Automation Industrial Maintenance Management Agro-industrial Equipment Production Means and Facilities Quality Management Sixth Semester Supervised Professional Practice
Competencia 2012 Grupo de Robótica
Competencia 2012 Grupo de Robótica
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Integrantes Instituto de Microelectrónica
Integrantes Instituto de Microelectrónica
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